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Henri Matisse

Yolaine takes an artistic angle at beauty.
Thought of as primary colours, the mousses of red are applied with a gold brush or finger and can be mixed as desired. With a powdery, fresh and pigmented finish, it is a range that is both modern in the new texture and retro in the prints borrowed from old country houses and small
robes vintage.

"Yolaine, a light that dances on the canvas"

Yolaine is light dancing on a canvas.
It's a bouquet of fresh flowers that we have fun composing.
It is a collection of prints that we would like to be able to wear.
It's the trace of red on a cup of coffee, like a signature. It is a tribute to the primary colors of a painter's palette, which is applied with a brush or finger.

Beauty products should not be confined to a smooth, fixed and perfect image. Beauty according to Yolaine is experienced as a playground and artistic expression, with an instinctive, regressive and universal application.

By paying homage to the world of painting and the imagery of vintage Paris, Yolaine offers products that are both modern and retro that you want to collect to compose your own palette.


Writer, artist, actress and model on occasion, Camille Yolaine has made her passion for stories her profession.
In terms of fashion, she frees herself from labels and displays a resolutely vintage style, in line with her inspirations.
Today, she expresses her creativity through her own beauty brand: Yolaine.