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Henri Matisse

Lipsticks have always been my favorite beauty products.
My father was a painter and it was he who passed on my love of color. I wanted the Yolaine brand to embody what inspires me in my daily life: visual and performing arts, of course, but also old movies, vintage clothes, floral prints, and even French gastronomy! When I started working on Mousse de Rouge, I imagined it "like a chocolate mousse, but red". And it is! A velvety, airy, creamy texture...
and just as addictive.

"Yolaine, a light that dances on the canvas"

The spirit of Yolaine is a radiant light, dancing on a canvas.
It's a bouquet of fresh flowers that we take joy in arranging.
It’s a collection of prints we would like to wear.
It's the trace of red on a coffee cup, like a woman’s signature. It’s a tribute to the rainbow of colors on a painter's palette.

I hope collecting the Yolaine products will bring you as much pleasure as I had in designing them.

By paying homage to the world of painting and the imagery of vintage Paris, Yolaine offers products that are both modern and retro that you want to collect to compose your own palette.


Writer, artist, actress and model on occasion, Camille Yolaine has made her passion for stories her profession.
In terms of fashion, she frees herself from labels and displays a resolutely vintage style, in line with her inspirations.
Today, she expresses her creativity through her own beauty brand: Yolaine.