The Three Reds

Pigmented and airy, the Mousse de Rouge delicately enhances the lips and cheekbones in one gesture.

Its matte and velvety finish brings a touch of chic to your complexion.

What do we like? Its color which can intensify according to your desires, between natural bitten mouth effect and intense pigmented finish.

Its formula glides perfectly on the skin and does not dry out the lips. 

💄 Hue Daphne is a nude red, perfect when you want a little color without overdoing it.

💄 Hue Peony is a fresh pink, the ideal shade for a “doll” effect.

💄 Hue Warranty is the true iconic and universal red. For big nights… And for every day.

Velvety, airy and creamy texture... It's no surprise that the Mousses de Rouge are so addictive: they were designed "like a chocolate mousse, but red". Apply with a brush for an intense finish or with your finger for a petal effect.